You Are Capable of Building a Thriving Business Venture

We Started by Accident

Ray proposed to Erica in the spring of 2002. When Erica said “yes”, neither of them realized their engagement would be the catalyst that would launch them on an entirely new career path. It was a random weekday evening, and they had just finished up an exhaustive (and disappointing) search for their own wedding photographer. When they realized that finding a photographer that offered great photos, outstanding service AND reasonable prices would be almost impossible, they decided to call it a day and headed out to their favorite Chinese restaurant to regroup.

During dinner, they talked about how much fun it would be to document a wedding – a far cry from their 9-5 corporate jobs. They detailed the way they would approach and manage such a business – always keeping the needs of their clients central to every business policy and decision. After dinner, they opened their fortune cookies. One of the fortunes said “you are capable of building a thriving business venture”. In that moment, 35 Atlanta was born.

We’ve Grown With a Purpose

At 35 Atlanta, we strive to deliver exceptional photographs and an unbeatable photography experience to every client we have the honor of serving. We have worked diligently to built a solid reputation for excellence, and we are recognized as a leader in the new generation of wedding photographers. We attribute our continuous growth to the hard work and dedication of our team members, and referrals by our incredible clients and fellow industry professionals alike.

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